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Champagne glasses from the Czech Republic

Want to add some real, sleek luxury to your home? Place bohemian glasses https://aleks-crystal.com/shampagne-glasses/ on the festive table. With their one look, they will add the missing charm. As soon as you take the Czech crystal out of the sideboard, an ordinary dinner will instantly turn into a solemn meal.

Glassware in the Czech Republic began to appear in those times immemorial, when dinosaurs were already extinct, but iPhones with tablets had not yet appeared. Outside the window was the ancient XIII century, and the local glassblowers were already working day and night. True, they did not think about you and me, but how to get around their main competitor — Venice so cunningly.

In the 16th century, Saxon glassmakers flocked to the Czech Republic. They were decent people and brought with them not only families, but also professional secrets that they had been saving for years. Thus, several styles were mixed, and the Czech Republic became the owner of dishes unique in their beauty.

Few people know, but Bohemian crystal used to be often called «forest» glass. The fact is that Czech craftsmen were the first to guess to replace soda with sand and wood ash «potash».

Once a court jeweler, Caspar Lehmann began to decorate glasses and goblets with carvings. This method is still used today. But the main event took place in 1684. Then Master Müller was able to obtain amazingly clean and transparent glass. Before that, no one had seen such a palace.

Previously, the whole Czech Republic was called Bohemia. The name is associated with the Celtic tribes of the Boyi, who in the past lived on this land. Now the Czech Republic includes not only Bohemia, but also Moravia with Czech Silesia. Therefore, there is some confusion in the names of glass.

Many years ago, all glass produced on the territory of what is now the Czech Republic was Bohemian. Today in Bohemia they continue to make glass and both names are true for it: both «Czech» and «Bohemian». But there are also glassblowing workshops in other parts of the Czech Republic. The glass that is made there is called «Czech». In terms of quality and composition, it almost does not differ from Bohemian, but from the point of view of geography, it is much more logical to call it Czech.

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