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How to promote an Instagram account

Instagram is ideal for promoting business and promoting a personal brand. If the processes of registration and posting of photos are understandable even for beginners, then the promotion raises many questions. How to recruit subscribers, how to monetize them, how to maintain an account correctly? We’ll answer in the article.

As an option, you can order a cheat of 10k Instagram followers for $10, which to some extent is also an effective way.

How to start promoting a page on Instagram

Start with the most important thing — write down the promotion goals. For example, for bloggers, these are subscribers and an asset (which can be monetized in the future). For the company — sales on Instagram, brand awareness, expanding the customer base, increasing customer loyalty, changing the habits of using the product (we define the main and secondary goals).

The goals can be divided into 4 groups and recorded according to their importance:

Business goals: increase profits by 35%, change the company’s position in the market, increase the average check.

Marketing: launch an additional sales channel, increase the percentage of repeat purchases, expand the customer base, bring a new product to the market.

Communication: increase brand awareness, increase loyalty from the target audience, establish communication with customers, get feedback.

Media goals: increase coverage, increase content engagement.

A simple example of goal setting for a psychology expert who makes money selling books and hosting webinars:

  • to ensure the growth of subscribers by 40% of the current number by the end of the year;
  • sell 500 copies of books by the end of the year;
  • enroll 1,000 students for webinars by the end of the year.

Based on this, we create an Instagram promotion strategy.

The main stages of creating a strategy:

  • Goal setting (written above).
  • Competitor analysis.

We select direct and indirect competitors. We evaluate their pages by several parameters: the number of subscribers, the quantity and quality of content, the activity under the posts, how he communicates with the audience, what Instagram tools he uses (for example, he often posts a story, uses all the stickers, plays games for stories). Be sure to analyze the product itself, prices, advantages, and disadvantages. For example, the product objectively competes with yours, but the seller takes a long time to respond to messages and offers only 1 payment method.

Drawing up a portrait of the target audience.

You need to clearly understand who your audience is, how it behaves on Instagram, what kind of feed will help attract and retain subscribers. Instructions to help: drawing up a portrait of the target audience.

Coming up with a visual packaging concept.

At this stage, you need to develop the corporate style of the page. How the product photos will look (if this is a page for selling products). What images and photo processing to use if we are promoting a personal brand or blogger.

We are planning ways and tools for feedback from subscribers.

You need to think in advance about how the communication with subscribers will go. For example, communication will be conducted exclusively in Direct and in comments. Or you will provide additional channels for communication, for example, through instant messengers. We recommend using the multi-link services to add more contacts, links to other social networks, a YouTube channel and a website.

Important: at the initial stage of promotion, you can independently process messages and comments, but over time you simply will not have time for this. We advise you to start delegating authority on time.

We think over an advertising strategy.

The launch is one of the stages of promotion on Instagram. Optional, but effective (if done correctly). You can launch targeted advertising on Instagram through Facebook, Promotions (a simpler type of advertising in terms of setting up and launching an advertising campaign), advertising from bloggers. Since the topic is quite extensive, read in more detail in paragraphs 18 and 19 of this article.

Important: advertising must be purchased after the first subscribers appear on the page and will be active. And when you have enough content on the page. If you run an ad on a half-empty page with 10 photos and 300 subscribers, which has almost no comments, you will most likely not get the expected effect from the ad.

We analyze the effectiveness and make adjustments to the promotion strategy, if necessary.

At a minimum, you need to track and analyze internal Instagram statistics. You can use more informative paid services. Data analysis will help you understand in which direction you are moving and what should be changed in the promotion strategy.


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